Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I made this animation for my family and friends this holiday season. It was really nice to work on something purely just for fun! The characters were drawn in flash and the background is a cut paper pop up card. At work,
Untravel Media, we just finished creating a tour of historic beacon hill that can be downloaded for iphone and ipod - Walking Cinema: Murder on Beacon Hill I worked on the videos, animations, and objects/props that are hidden along the walking route. One of the objects was a popup book, and is what got me so into cut paper construction. I definitely want to continue exploring the possibilties of paper animation.
I also think I need to keep making things just for fun, so thats my New Year's resolution. Make something cool every week and share it on this blog. It definitely helps that me and my friends have built a kick ass art studio in the basement of my house in Malden...Studio 42. Stay tuned.