Tuesday, June 24, 2008

School's out forever

A LOT has happened since I last bothered to write on this thing.
Here are some of the highlights:

1. I graduated from MassArt! Class of 2008!

2. I won the 2008 MassArt Godine travel grant! This summer I will spend an entire month volunteering and adventuring touring in Thailand! July 24- August 23 :)

3. My degree project "ECT: The Story of Two Women" got into two film festivals!

The Chicago Film Brigade
Du Festival du Court Métrage d’animation de Neufchâteau

4. I was hired for my first freelance animation job (along with the amazing Susan Chien and Brian Duffy). We will create 10-15 second animations and title sequences for this documentary:

Herskovits: A Jew at the Heart of Darkness

Some less than exciting news includes moving back to my parent's house in Beverly Ma, and working a crappy part time job at the local supermarket. Hopefully when I get back from my trip I can find some sort of full time work that doesn't involve fry-o-laters.